Alan Monie

Alan has many years’ experience in the IT industry, including working for the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, and other government agencies. Alan started to specialise in IT security in 2004 and with his previous experience as a Software Developer, Network Engineer, and Linux Specialist, he quickly gained skill sets in many aspects of penetration testing and achieved CHECK Team Leader status in 2005.

Prior to joining Pen Test Partners Alan was the sole Principal Consultant at another CHECK consultancy, and ran his own IT Security Consultancy for two years before that. Alan’s friendly and personable nature allows him to effectively communicate at both a managerial and technical level.

Alan has world-class skills in both Application and Infrastructure testing and often identifies “0-days” in products from hard disk encryption software to on-line collaboration tools; as a result, he has been deployed worldwide including the USA, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta and across the UK.