Chris Pickering

Chris has a military background, having served in the RAF. He held high level clearances, working in ground based radar and military communications.

After the RAF he worked in data and credit card processing businesses for 10 years programming and building information systems. Whilst in these roles security was always a passion and his free time was spent researching security vulnerabilities and building tools to exploit basic configuration flaws.

He has many years experience of penetration testing and since then has worked in various areas including government (central and local), military, finance and other private sector businesses.

He has experience in all areas of security testing including the following:

•    Internal infrastructure
•    External infrastructure
•    Web based application testing
•    Compiled application testing
•    Wireless testing – Site and Client
•    Mobile device testing
•    Configuration reviews

However, has particular passion for:

•    Reverse engineering
•    Exploit development

Chris also delivers presentations, be they technical debriefs, board level risk reviews or live ‘hacking’ demonstrations.  He has passed the CREST consultant examination and also holds DV clearance.