David Lodge

Dave has worked in most of the major industry sectors (IT, Retail, Finance, Government) and has been a developer and Unix system administrator. His security experience really gained momentum in 2000 though and is CREST CCT APP and INF, and CBEST qualified.

His technical and security experience covers a good broad base with a CV spanning forensics, investigations, risk management, penetration testing, architecture, and firewalls.

Dave is also a prolific developer and researcher, being one half of the team behind Nikto and other tools, and becoming a leading light in the Android security world. His how-to blog posts shone a light on poor practice and have been instrumental in many manufacturers upping their game.

More recently Dave has been giving his attention to the Internet of Things, running workshops at both Black Hat and DefCon as well as being a source of comment and sanity for the press- the BBC and broadsheets alike.