Iain Lewis

Iain has over 10 years of penetration testing experience and has successfully gained, and renewed his CHECK team leader status during this period.

He currently has SC clearance and has held DV clearance, which has led to experience of testing classified systems at all levels.

Iain has extensive project management experience and is a technical lead for several large key clients – successfully running jobs of over 100 man days utilising several consultants, to tight deadlines.  These jobs can contain complex central government systems and access to these systems to liaise with third parties to successfully complete the test to specific CESG requirements.

Presented at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition at the Pen Test Partners LLP stand for the past 4 years on a number of different topics, ranging from browser exploits to mobile JTAG data recovery.

Example projects
Real world ‘brand damage’ attack for a large gambling firm.
This unique scenario test enabled the team of testers to fully utilise all of their skills to demonstrate what could actually be gained from a real world style attack.  These skills included phishing, malware creation, social engineering and up to date internal network based exploitation.

IT Health check style test for a government department.
This style of test encompasses a lot of the standard penetration test offerings which enable the client to see overall which parts of their IT estate requires the most attention.  It also allows the client to see what potential issues could be present by linking up the different vulnerabilities discovered within the separate tests.