Joe Durbin

Joe entered the information security industry when he worked as a web developer. He was responsible for writing secure code for large clients on sites providing high levels of interactivity.

The skills learnt in this role and his naturally inquisitive nature led him to become a penetration tester in 2002 and has been delivering penetration tests full time since then.

Joe has worked with many clients ranging from small start-ups to multinationals and across almost all sectors, including Financial, Health, Police, Military and Private companies.

Passing the CESG CHECK assault course has meant that Joe’s work has been vetted by the UK Government to ensure that high standards are adhered to whilst holding high levels of security clearance means that he is trusted to handle sensitive information.

He was held management responsibilities in previous employment, which has meant a high level of client interaction, and now as a Partner is using his technical and social skills to build lasting relationships with clients rather than offer one-time security audits.

High Quality Delivery
The exposure to the variety of clients worked with means that Joe understands the unique security issues faced by your company. Every company is different and every company’s IT security needs are different.

Joe prides himself in understanding this uniqueness and providing custom, meaningful and most importantly, relevant security advice.

Whether you need a one off security audit to verify a new install is secure, of whether you want ongoing security tests and advice, Joe will be available to offer meaningful and bespoke services tailored to your needs.