Lee Parkes

Lee has worked in the penetration testing field since 1999. Although he hasn’t quite seen it all, he has seen a lot.

He has experience in testing everything from straightforward networks with a mix of operating systems to bespoke systems and applications. Working within both small and large environments and from commercial entities to central government agencies, sometimes around the world.

He is comfortable working both individually and as part of a larger team. Happy to either follow or lead, he sees the successful delivery of useful information to the client as the ultimate goal for any engagement – delivering results that help clients improve their security stance.

Essentially vendor agnostic, Lee always looks for the right tool for the job. Seeing adaptability as a key attribute, he strives to ensure each test is conducted within the contextual framework of the client.

Security research
Lee is currently interested in hardware hacking and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

He believes that what may seem esoteric or unusual today will become commonplace in the future. The perfect example of that is the Internet!