Michael Yardley

Michael has worked in the security industry for over 6 years with a broad spectrum of local and international clients in various sectors.

Michael maintains a high level of technical knowledge and awareness of the latest threats to an organization and has vast experience with dealing with non-technical audiences and translating technical findings into high-level business risk.

He holds a BSc Hons degree in Forensic Computing and has extensive skill and academic knowledge in Computer Security and Digital Forensics. He has significant experience in penetration testing, network security, web application security and cryptography and is familiar with performing forensic investigations using specialist tools in accordance with ACPO guidelines.

High Quality Delivery
Over the years, Michael has performed hundreds of external and internal penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, application tests and specialised security services to both private and public sector clients.

This involved assessing client networks, systems, software and security policies using a range of tools, methodologies and experience to produce comprehensive reports that includes current security posture and associated risk reduction recommendations.

Michael has a proven track record of managing and successfully delivering large, complex and bespoke projects smoothly, meeting and exceeding both the technical and business requirements of clients within the delivery time frame.