Minh-dat Lam

Minh is a CHECK Team Leader with a Computer Forensics Masters. His expertise currently includes network and application penetration testing, and digital forensics.

He has strong interpersonal skills, works well within a pressured environment and is a good communicator, with the ability to explain complex security risks in business language.

Over the years, Minh has been involved in a vast range of penetration tests, along with experience in digital forensic audits. Some examples follow.

Example projects

Application Security Audit – West African Bank
Minh conducted an application security assessment of a payment management system. Minh’s high level of web application security experience resulted in the identification of significant flaws during both phases of the assessment, which ultimately led to serious breaches with regards to data protection and PCI standards.

Network Security Audit – Middle East Bank
Minh conducted a large-scale security test against the internal network of a Middle East banking institution. The assessment included a penetration test to ascertain the ease at which internal systems could be compromised, combined with detailed configuration reviews of operating systems and network devices. The engagement included a full technical and management level report.

Forensic Security Audit – Global Communications Provider
Minh was a technical lead on a forensics investigation against a global communications provider, involving analysis on multiple domain controllers and domain member images. The investigation encompassed in-depth file system and memory analysis. The engagement yielded evidence pertaining to a suspected network compromise, and multiple suspicious user accounts, malicious malware and network activity. A bespoke forensic report was tailored for the client, containing details of evidence along with custom time lines and charts portraying the malware infection period.