Pedro Venda

Pedro currently holds CSTL, previously CCT/App and before CCT/Inf, with 12 years pen testing experience.

Following up from a system and network administrator role as well as an engineering background and an innate need to understand how things work, he has amassed considerable experience and knowledge in several operating systems, network topologies, protocols and hardware, server environments and services and programming languages.

This provides a unique toolset and pragmatic perspective that has proven particularly useful in testing and advising how to secure networks and systems within the technical and operational restraints that every business faces. Having an Engineering degree, Pedro is used to approaching problems with an open mind and in a pragmatic way.

High Quality Delivery
Since becoming a full time penetration tester, Pedro has carried out hundreds of tests under the most varied scopes, including: assessing internal and external network infrastructures, reviewing operating system build security characteristics, testing web applications, testing compiled applications, reviewing mobile devices and managed security policies, testing applications built for mobile devices, risk assessing mobile phone and laptop theft scenarios, and more.

In all engagements, he has demonstrated the ability to translate complex technical security implications into real-world risks and scenarios in a way that allows the client to recognise the business risks of those  implications.