Roger Jefferiss

Unique SCADA Security Specialist

Roger started in security as an Application and SCADA Security Manager for EDF Energy. He acquired a near-unique set of skills, given his responsibility to test the security of- and look after the real time systems in a major utility.

Whilst at EDF, he sat on the SCADA Control Systems Information Exchange (SCSIE), the CPNI industry exchange, where one could discuss details of incidents across the utility sector in confidence. Hence, he has an almost unique understanding of utility sector security.
In 2006 Roger left EDF to join a penetration testing business. Since then, he has been delivering penetration tests full time.

From his early career Roger has vast experience of roles throughout the SCADA arena, thus giving Roger a unique understanding and rare ability to work with clients across the board. Whilst also having the awareness of constraints within these environments.

Having been involved in SCADA for so long, Roger is well known in the Utility Industry as well as other areas, often being recommended for his skill set and ability to work with clients on either a technical or non-technical level.

His experience includes an in depth knowledge of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) programming, and development/testing of serial to IP interfaces.

Alongside testing Roger also consults with Clients with regard to SCADA security, he also facilitates presentations and runs workshops, in this area.

Roger is also experienced in many other areas of security testing, including web Application, Internal Infrastructure and Mobile device, to name a few.  For over nine years Roger has a proven track record of competent testing, advice to clients and remediation support in many areas.