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Pen Test Partners provides cyber security services to a huge variety of industries and organisations.

We also do a lot of security research which the press, governments, and consumer groups and watchdogs follow and use to help improve everyone’s privacy and security.
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Different and Better, not just Different

Yes, we’re security consultants, but that is where the similarity with other pen testers ends.

The difference is that we actively target the data that you need to protect. Rather than focusing on merely testing your systems we will plan and execute testing that goes to the heart of your data assets.

Working like this allows us to show you how different types of attack lead to breaches and the loss of very specific business critical data. With our penetration testing it’s not a case of if we get that data, it’s a question of how long it takes and how quickly your systems and people can spot us. That is what gives you the true measure of how effective your security is, and where it needs work.


Our Consultants

Most of our consultants are CHECK, CREST or Tiger accredited; this ensures the highest quality of testing. On their own these are pretty good credentials, but another major benefit we deliver is that our people also have great interpersonal skills. This means that issues are explained quickly and concisely without anything becoming lost in translation.

Another huge bonus is that they also have significant management and business experience. This means that we are able to look at your business as a single entity, not a bunch of disjointed technologies, systems and departments. Having this kind of acumen available from your security consultant is a rare commodity, and one that you’ll quickly come to appreciate when presenting our findings to the Board.


We are brilliant at being organised. This means that we can be available to you at short notice. If you want to book us a month in advance and have a long lead time you still have that choice, but for more urgent requirements we are only a ‘phone call away.


Security works better when the people involved have built a rapport. We’ve organised the business so that you get the same consultant leading your test, for every test. This enables you to spend less time dealing with familiarisation and more time getting value from their hands-on experience and advice. Even if you need specialist testing skills, your consultant will select the right tester for the job and manage them for you, again assuring continuity.

Imagine not having to explain your network and business again to yet another random tester that is sent along. Imagine dealing with someone that has been able to build up a comprehensive understanding of your environment. Imagine someone who is a tangible asset rather than a time-suck. You get all of that when you hire us.

Our people

Being introduced to, and getting to know your tester is an often overlooked part of the process. While our work is über technical we understand that relationships matter.

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This morning our @cybergibbons is presenting 'Smarter Shipping. Hacking floating ICS for fun and profit' to @Cs3Sthlm – the Stockholm international summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and ICS. Starts 11:55 CEST… #CS3sthlm #ICS #SCADA #CyberSecurity

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