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Pen Test Partners provides cyber security consulting and testing to a huge variety of industries and organisations.

With offices in the US and UK we’re never too far away.

We also do a lot of security research which the press, governments, and consumer groups and watchdogs follow and use to help improve everyone’s privacy and security.
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Why choose Pen Test Partners?

Established in June 2010, we’ve got consultants with a vast range of skills and experience, some with extremely niche skills. As an entire company we know our stuff and we’ll work at your pace. We research, test, and assure a lot of interesting and complex things! We’ve provided testing and assurance for all sorts of things; ships at sea, international finance infrastructure, mobile apps for smart toys, airplane systems and avionics, power stations and critical national infrastructure, automotive and telematics, mobile banking apps, physical security, cloud services to rail infrastructure.


What we provide

Responsiveness – We are recognised as being extremely responsive. We can begin an engagement with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Follow-up – One of the reasons we have such loyal clients is the availability our consultants have for follow-up work. Ongoing guidance – Once an engagement is over… It’s never truly over, there will always be questions, queries, and advice needed, so we make a point of always being available post engagement.

Our Reputation

The BBC and other news agencies often contact us to comment on the latest cyber news. We are frequently called upon to provide keynotes at events such as BSides, TED talks, InfoSecurity Europe and the US Chamber of commerce. We can’t name names, but our clients come from a wide range of verticals and sizes including: Automotive, Banking, Education, Engineering, Energy, Oil & Gas, FinTech, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telco’s, Insurance, Legal, Transport and Finance.

Our people

Being introduced to, and getting to know your tester is an often overlooked part of the process. While our work is über technical we understand that relationships matter.


We're running a maritime cyber event at London Docklands, June 20-22. Find out what we can all learn from maritime cyber. Maybe try your hand at docking a ship in a fun & relaxing space away from the big show. Register here… #maritimecyber

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