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Who will be carrying out my test?

Being introduced to, and getting to know your tester is an often overlooked part of the process. Yes, our work is über technical, but faceless relationships do nobody any good.

You’ll be given your tester’s direct contact details. This is so you can give them a call, ask questions, bounce ideas, and not just over the duration of your test. They are your dedicated security partner before, during and months after your test.

How experienced are they?

We prefer our testers to have a good few years in different environments under their belts. It means that your test is better managed, more rigorous and always professionally reported.

Will I see them again?

Yes you will. A ‘fresh pair of eyes’ might be good for the odd IT project, but in the information security world you’ll see huge benefits from having a tester with a thorough knowledge of your systems.

Are they going to worry me?

No. We don’t tolerate geeks and nor should you have to. We go to great lengths to attract people with superb interpersonal skills. We also have a strong culture of good communication, integrity and transparency.

Company details

Our registered office addresses can be found here.