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Events & Speaking

We regularly provide award winning speakers for lots of events.

Having an energised and informed speaker who will reach your audience can mean the difference between your people just nodding knowingly or making the time to implement the things that matter.

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We provide award winning speakers for lots of events.

Over the years we have been invited to speak at a huge range of events, and not all are security focussed. Where there is a platform to help shape sensible opinion, promote secure behaviours and better ways of doing things, we will gladly get involved – depending on availability of course.

“Speaking” doesn’t really cover it though. As no one enjoys a slow death by PowerPoint our presentations usually contain demonstrations with devices and props. What they never contain are irritating sales pitches. We don’t promote pen testing when presenting at conferences and events; we simply want to help people to learn and understand in an interesting environment.

We’ve even won awards!


Where to find us, and what you can expect

We can provide keynote speakers who will engage and inspire audiences. From the jaded SysAdmin to the FD who hasn’t yet found a way to put a bottom-line benefit on security spend, we can help you tell the full story.

From DEF CON, Black Hat, 44Con, and BSides, through to PCI community events, OWASP chapter meetings, and IoT industry conferences, we have a busy speaking calendar, covering areas such as: IoT device hacking, secure coding, hardware hacking workshops, SCADA and process control security, cyber insurance and social media privacy and security.

If you have a requirement for a particular topic just get in touch. Call us on 020 3095 0500 for a sensible chat and maybe book us for your next event.

Speaker biography: Ken Munro

Ken Munro

Ken has been working in IT security for over 15 years. He writes for various newspapers and industry magazines, in an effort to get beyond the unhelpful scaremongering put about by many security vendors.

He works as a Senior Partner at Pen Test Partners LLP, a firm of penetration testers, otherwise known as ethical hackers, who specialise in helping organisations understand and quantify risk to their business. Ken speaks widely on computer security, and takes great pleasure in highlighting vulnerabilities in software and hardware.

Speaker biography: Tony Gee

Tony Gee

For 15 years, Tony’s job, everywhere from banks to mass transport systems, has been either trying to break technology or defend it from attack.  He speaks the world over at technology and cybersecurity events about how anything from children’s toys to cars, planes and ships can be hacked.  He has spoken at PCI events in Europe and Asia, at the SC Congress in London, ISACA CSX Europe, SANS Awareness Conference, WIRED Smarter, ENISA IoT Security Conference, technical conferences such as 44Con and BSides. Most notably, he has spoken to US Congress and the European Central Bank about how the underlying digital theories and systems which modern life relies on, are vulnerable to attack.

Speaker biography: Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Mark has over 12 years of security experience, he has consulted to the largest banks in the world, helped customers respond to major cyber attacks and orchestrated global red team attacks against highly sensitive organisations.

Mark is also well known for speaking around the world discussing topics from IoT to Banking and Automotive to Marine Security. Mark’s talks are well received as he keeps them as interactive as possible, if the audience isn’t witnessing a demonstration they are part of the demonstration. Mark has talked at large global events such as InfoSec Europe and industry specific events such as PCI, finance, technology, IoT and automotive.

Speaker biography: Gerard Kerrigan

Gerard Kerrigan

Gerard is the co-founder of Pen Test Partners one of the leading security consultancies. He has also worked in senior management positions in a number of UK security consultancies as well as Integralis.

This is complemented with significant successful Silicon Valley start-up experience with a number of companies including Ironport.

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