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BSides Cymru 2023


Cardiff, United Kingdom

09:30–13:00: David Lodge and Tony Gee are presenting: Introduction to GEOINT

GEOINT is a component of OSINT where a physical location is discovered from clues in media, from still photographs to videos and even sound. The practice requires a selection of skills and knowledge about resources which may be as diverse as power grids, architecture and physics. A successful identification of a location may seem to be almost magical and, at the same time, scary.

15:20–15:50: Tony Gee is presenting: Getting In: Initial Access in 2023

The pathway to initial access in 2023 is far from an easy one. This talk will lift the lid on all the recent TTPs we have been using to gain access, giving you techniques you can implement in your own assessment. But what about defence? For all you blue teamers out there, we will show you how to prevent all the attacks we discuss! Sit back and enjoy all the fun!

15:35–16:05: Ceri Coburn is presenting: Needles Without the Thread: Threadless Process Injection

Most process injection techniques typically involve creating remote threads within the target process. This often exposes opportunities for EDR detection engines to pick up the malicious activity. This talk will cover some of the existing methods used today followed by a novel technique that can inject and execute code into a remote process without some of these common indicators.




Angel Hotel
Castle Street
Cardiff, CF10 1SZ United Kingdom
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