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IoT Security Foundation Conference 2016


London, United Kingdom

Security is often considered in strictly technical terms, but in the future worlds of IoT, many parties will be involved in delivering and maintaining devices, data and services – from chip vendors and software developers through ODM’s to service providers. Maintaining security needs not just good encryption standards and implementations, it demands that every party in the supply chain recognises the importance of security and implements it in the business processes, products and systems. Somehow industry needs to build a “chain of trust” which will allow each player to identify trusted suppliers and in turn provide trusted products and services to their customers.

The conference will look at what it takes to build an Internet of Trusted Things, what is currently underway, what we can learn from the past to predict the future and the necessary duties of care providers and adopters need to ensure.




2 Savoy Place
London, WC2R 0B United Kingdom
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