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Incident Response Services

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Incident Response

The threat landscape has never been more challenging. Significant numbers of highly skilled and motivated threat actors represent a real danger. Their goals are clear. Penetrate your defences to steal your data, deliver malware to your network, or disrupt your business through destructive attacks such as ransomware or data wipers.

When you are compromised, a fast and efficient response is needed to understand the depth and impact of the incident on your critical business functions.


Preparation and planning are key to minimising the negative effects that a security incident may cause and can reduce the likelihood of a breach occurring.

Pen Test Partners has dealt with data breaches and incidents in many different industry sectors and organisations. We can help your business to effectively prepare itself to deal with a compromise. Its only when the incident occurs, that the true value of preparation is seen.

Pen Test Partners has specialists in incident response, digital forensics and penetration testing whose skill sets are combined to provide a well-balanced program for assisting your business to be breach ready.

We tailor all of our readiness services to individual needs, so the assistance is targeted and relevant.


Effective incident response requires specific, measurable, repeatable, and time sensitive execution against a clearly defined plan.

Pen Test Partners responds at pace, working with your business to mitigate as much as possible against business disruption, brand damage, and data loss whilst reducing the operational impact to critical business functions.

Pen Test Partners incident response consultants have longstanding industry experience, deep technical knowledge and a passion for helping our customers through what is likely to be the most significant event a company will face.

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