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Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

The current threat landscape has never been more challenging. Significant numbers of highly skilled and motivated threat actors represent a real danger. Their goal is simply to penetrate your defences to steal your data, deliver malware to your network, or disrupt your business through destructive attacks such as ransomware or data wipers.

Creating detailed plans is all well and good but do they work in practice? Our readiness solutions check and test existing plans for effectiveness and address proactive tasks to fully mature your capability.


Pen Test Partners has a wealth of experience in helping businesses react and recover from real life hacking incidents.

By undertaking a number of ‘mock’ incident response table-top exercises you will be led through several incident scenarios. As they play out we can assess your people, processes and technologies in a safe, informative environment.

Your incident management plan will be scrutinised to highlight any gaps or discrepancies in your people, processes, information and deployed technologies. Your performance will be critically evaluated throughout the exercise.

A post exercise report will provide feedback and recommendations to improve your future incident skills.


The training workshop is split into three phases. Preparation, Mock Incident Testing and Summary and Evaluation.

Background information, policies, procedures and working practices will be evaluated so that the workshop can be executed within the context of the business and tailored to allow as much relevancy and realism as possible.
An onsite workshop will take place where various incident scenarios are played out. Organisational reactions are critically evaluated to test the information gathering and decision-making capabilities of the personnel in the room.

Feedback, observations and points for improvement will be discussed among the group.

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