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Incident Response Training Services

Incident Response Training Services

Forward strategic planning is key to minimising the negative impact that a cyber threat or data breach can have on a business.

Pen Test Partners has dealt with data breaches and incidents within many different industry sectors and organisations. It’s only when an incident happens that the true value of advanced preparation is fully appreciated.

Training your internal staff to understand the Incident Response process, and to perform basic collection and triage functions gives you a speed advantage at the outset of a critical cyber incident.

1st Responder

The actions taken by a business at the very outset of a cyber incident can be crucial to effectively dealing with that incident. Speed and an understanding of data preservation are key.

Training internal resources to understand the incident response process, how to identify, preserve and collect potentially critical data sources to support the investigation provides real efficiency and cost savings at the point of an incident.

Pen Test Partners offers critical 1st Responder training courses that are designed to give your internal teams the edge when a critical incident is declared.

Forensic Triage

When faced with a critical cyber incident, knowledge is power and gathering the right information quickly is paramount. Early identification of the threat you are facing is key.

Training technically competent internal resources to safely interrogate a host to quickly identify the nature of the threat you are facing drastically speeds up the overall response. An informed response is an effective response.

Pen Test Partners provides an in-depth forensic triage course that arms your business with the key skills needed to make informed decisions when it matters the most.

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