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Penetration Testing

We have talented testers for virtually any scenario, a bold claim but true nonetheless. We’ve provided a sample of the types of pen testing we conduct, it’s not exhaustive but gives a flavour of what you can expect from us.

Assessment Services

  • Bespoke & Web-based Application Testing
  • Web Application Architecture Reviews
  • Application Code Reviews
  • Testing of mobile devices
  • Enterprise Application Security Testing
  • Enterprise Database Security Audits
  • SCADA Process Control Audits
  • VoIP Assessments and Security Consultancy
  • Mail Server Deployments
  • Infrastructure and Architecture Security Reviews
  • Scenario-based Penetration Testing
  • Automated Infrastructure & Application Perimeter Scanning
  • IT Health Check
  • Wireless 802.11x Assessments & Rogue Access Point Identification
  • Operating System, Network Device & COTS Application Build Review
  • Firewall Rulebase Audit
  • Client Security (kiosks, workstations, laptops, mobile devices)

Compliance, Risk and Audit

  • PCI ASV Testing
  • PCI QSA Audits and Consultancy
  • ISO27001 Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Third Party Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IS&T Operational Health Checks
  • Best Practice Advice

Physical Security, Data Asset Protection and Privacy Services

  • Telephone Based Social Engineering
  • Physical Social Engineering
  • Building Access Security Audits
  • Facilities Management System Reviews
  • CCTV Control Reviews
  • Open Source Research
  • Client Side attacks
  • Personal Information Security Protection
  • Targeted Trojan / Malware Analysis
  • Corporate Resistance to Targeted Attack
  • Corporate Public Profile Review

Computer Forensics and Incident Response

  • Forensics Analysis
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Secure Data Recovery & File Password Cracking

Ongoing Automated Vulnerability Assessment

  • External and internal network scanning
  • PCI ASV compliant
  • Ad hoc or preprogrammed regular scans
  • Highly granular scanning runs

IT CISO/Security Manager

  • Interim CISO/IT Security Manager
  • Mentoring of existing team
  • Compliance with PCI requirements
  • Fill skill gaps in your current team