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Physical Security

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Investigation – TSCM

To search for Radio Frequencies and Infrared energy capable of transmitting a signal from the area of investigation as well as the presence of any covert cameras, unauthorised Wi-Fi, Multi Media and Bluetooth devices.  This includes ALL forms of “Bugs and eavesdropping” devices.

The search for clandestine radio and video signals is conducted in the range of 10 MHz to 8 GHz.

A power-line search covering the frequencies from 10 KHz to 5 MHz looking for a carrier current device that utilizes the power lines as a transmission path.

A thermal imaging camera is also used to search for heat sources from hidden devices.

Surveillance Services – Observations & Surveillance / Investigations

Utilizing fully equipped surveillance vehicles to obtain evidence and covert video footage, supported by full Logs and Reports of all events.

All our investigators & detectives are fully trained in the ‘art’ of surveillance followed by the professional presentation of all evidence / information, gathered to the required standard of proof as required by a Crown Court.