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Security Training

As security is a process not a product, security training should never be commoditised.

That’s why we deliver bespoke security training to all levels, from absolute novice users through to CISOs, application developers through to IT managers, front line staff through to line managers. Every time we run a session, or an ongoing programme, our materials and reference points are defined by your unique requirements.

One size does not fit all, so we’ll work with you to create an interactive and stimulating learning experience, with practical take-aways based on the identified needs of your staff. Typically we run sessions and programmes on the following topics, but if you don’t see exactly what you need just get in touch. Full datasheets for the following are available on request.

Secure Coding Workshops

Time after time, we encounter web applications with the same vulnerabilities. We can help your developers code more securely, delivering secure code on time, first time. Courses are custom written focussing on the issues we find, often following a short penetration test, to see where the issues lie in real code from your developers. Depending on class sizes, the courses can be made fully interactive.

Social Engineering Workshops

We train your people to protect your business against social networking, telephone based social engineering, and even people just walking in off the street! We are here to help you help yourself. It all begins with engaging staff and making them aware of countermeasures and procedures designed to protect sensitive company assets.

Information Security Workshops

These sessions are great for staff that want a high level view of the history, principles and key ideas within IT and information security. Candidates will come away with a more rounded and better adjusted view of security matters, in terms of assets, risk, and some of the more interesting technical details.

Our People

The people running your sessions are not the average trainer, they are penetration testers and application developers, with their own war stories and real-world advice.

They deliver enjoyable, memorable courses, with many fascinating demonstrations of the techniques that hackers use.

They have passed the stringent CHECK or CREST assault courses and have security clearance.

You will be shown real life examples and easy to use countermeasures.