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Version Recon

Version Recon is an easy-to-use patch update alerting service, that emails you updates as they are released.

Version Recon can monitor any product were the vendor publishes version information on the Internet. It isn’t limited to a small number of vendors like other mentoring software. That means Version Recon can monitor firmware or software specific to you and only for you.

Because it is not a patch manager it doesn’t deploy patches for you, and doesn’t require access or permissions to your systems or services.

It provides patch update information for:

  • Operating systems
  • Third party software
  • Network devices (Switches, Firewalls etc.)
  • Smart phones, tablets
  • Software development frameworks

What Version Recon Does

Everything is given to you in one convenient, easily sharable package, to help you keep your systems secure and up-to-date.

When any of your services or OSs has an update we bundle them all in an email that shows you where to review/download them. It also provides the release notes that come with them.

It’s an annual subscription, with pricing based on the number of services and systems that you have on your watch list.

It is 100% non-invasive and takes minutes, not hours/days to set up and get running.

What you do

Create a watch list specific to your needs and leave the rest to us.

You define what services are added-to, or removed from your watch list so that it stays current.

As Version Recon shows every available update specific to you, you can better manage how you tackle ALL patching related vulnerabilities, not just the high risk ones.

Why patching matters

Many vulnerabilities are the result of software not being under the care of a regular patching policy, and over time, this leads to the overall degradation of the infrastructure. Whilst they come in all shapes and sizes, the fixes are often very similar.

Through many years of testing we’ve found that almost all network and application vulnerabilities exist because of:

  1. Out of date third-party software
  2. Unpatched Operating Systems
  3. Misconfiguration or weak passwords
  4. Configurations left unchanged from default settings
  5. Poor coding practices

This is how they stack-up by percentage:

Big numbers

The lack of an effective patching policy results in 56% of all high-risk vulnerabilities identified.

Get in touch with us and start enjoying the benefits.