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44CON London: Our IoT Security Workshop

Joe Bursell 11 Sep 2015

Just a quick and dirty post to say a big thank you to the guys at 44CON London yesterday for helping us organise a smashing IoT device hacking workshop, and a bigger thank you to the people who rocked up and got stuck in.

Even though it kicked-off at half seven in the evening it was well attended until we finally had to pull the plug at 23:00.

Here’s some photos…

Disassembling the Samsung smart washing machine to find interesting ports to read from:


Man in the middle attacks against the washer’s Wi-Fi interfaces:


Taking a read from the I2C interface of Fitbit’s Aria Wi-Fi scales:


Reading from UART on the same scales:


Loading arbitrary Android apps to Oakley HUD ski goggles:


BURP & Wireshark FTW, further work on the washing machine:


Yes, that’s an internet enabled vibrator:


Driving a dildo using RealTerm. You don’t want to know about the rest!: