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The scariest man at CMA

Marine Electronics & Communications 15.03.18,the-scariest-man-at-cma_51120.htm

“The scariest man at CMA was a mild-mannered Englishman Ken Munro, managing director of Pen Test Partners. He was armed with a kettle.

Mr Munro is an ethical hacker. He is paid by companies and the military to hack into their systems, find flaws and advise on how to prevent others from hacking in. The kettle was a prop in his speech about how easy it is to hack into a ship’s systems.

According to Mr Munro, IoT is not internet of things but internet of tea, and in the UK many people have smart kettles. You can start the kettle from your smartphone. He had taken his kettle apart, and found it was using 40-year-old dial up modem software and with a few simple DOS commands he was able to expose the wifi router and the login key. He could, if he wanted, remotely monitor data going through the router, logging IP addresses and passwords. For your online banking, for instance.”