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iOS phone users still vulnerable to old PIN bypass vulnerabilities: Lesson – Update your stuff

Joe Bursell 09 Dec 2013

According to the online advertising network Chitika around 25% of iOS phone users are still running iOS6 or older, and around one third of iPad users still aren’t on iOS7.

If the data is accurate that means there are truckloads of iDevices out there that are still vulnerable to pretty serious PIN bypass attacks. About 1% of iPhone users are still running iOS5 too. A rummage around the CVE listings quickly digs out nine passcode lock issues for iOS6 and one for iOS5.

The impacts of these vulnerabilities are not slight. We’re talking about issues that allow games cheat style manual sequences that enable an attacker to get direct, in-the-hands access to call, contact and voicemail information.

This is another reminder to keep software up to date, but what happens if you’re running old hardware too?…

…well, this is what can happen.