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OWASP Birmingham IoT Hackathon

Joe Bursell 17 Dec 2015

If you came to the OWASP Brum chapter meeting last night, it was great to see you. If you didn’t here’s what you missed…

Ken (@TheKenMunroShow) opened with some background on the research we’ve done to date and Dave (@tautology0) delivered a primer on hardware hacking and reverse engineering with the dubious help of a Furby, to help get everyone up to speed.


Credit: @sneakymonk3y

The kit we brought along for breaking researching was:

  • Smarter iKettles 1 and 2
  • Smarter Coffee machines
  • FitBit Aria scales
  • Hoover Wizard smart oven
  • Sphero BB-8
  • Hello Barbie
  • My Friend Freddy Bear
  • My Friend Cayla

Yes, fun was had, as well as making more progress with the iKettle 2.0.

***It looks like we may have a method for a super-heated drive-by iKettle attack. Watch this space.***