Blog: Shameless Self Promotion


Ken Munro 05 Aug 2019

Here’s the lowdown on our 14 DEF CON 27 talks, workshops, and panel sessions:

Main Stage

Track 3

Paris: Saturday 13:00
Chris Wade presents Tag-side attacks against NFC

Track 2

 Paris: Saturday 15:00
G Richter presents Reverse-Engineering 4g Hotspots for Fun, Bugs and Net Financial Loss


Aviation Village

 Bally’s Event Villages Track 1: Saturday 11:00
Alex Lomas and Ken Munro present A Hacker’s First Solo: airplane and avionics security 101

Bally’s, Event Cente: Time TBD
Alex Lomas and Ken Munro run the Avionics for Hackers Workshop (TBD)

BugCrowd Hospitality Suite

Planet Hollywood, Suite TBD: Thursday 12:30
Andrew Tierney is on the Car Hacking Panel

Car Hacking Village

Bally’s, Event Center: Friday 15:30
Andrew Tierney and Ken Munro  present Lojack’d – pwning car alarms, vehicle trackers and immobilisers

Crypto and Privacy Village

Planet Hollywood, Celebrity 1 & 2: Sunday 12:00
Alex Lomas and Alan Monie present Security and privacy of dating apps

Hack The Sea Village

 Bally’s, Event Center: Friday 11:00
Ken Munro presents EDIFACT primer

 Bally’s, Event Center: Friday 11:30
Andrew Tierney and Neil Boyd present Don’t poop on the poop deck: maritime pen testing 101

 Bally’s, Event Center: Friday 16:00
Andrew Tierney and Chris Pritchard present Pwning the oil rig

Hardware Hacking Village

 Bally’s, Event Center: Saturday 17:00
Chris Wade will be presenting a followup to his main stage talk Tag-side attacks against NFC

IoT Village

Flamingo, Eldorado Ballroom: Friday 14:15
Andrew Tierney presents GAS THE RAMEN: Hacking the Unhackable Bitfi from John McAfee


Alexis Park Resort Hotel: Thursday 12:00
Alex Lomas and Alan Monie present Security and Privacy of Dating Apps

Social Engineering Village

Bally’s, Jubilee Tower – Las Vegas bar – 3rd Floor: Thursday 17:40
Chris Pritchard presents The Basics of Social Engineering aKa How I break into Casinos, Airports and CNI