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PTP brief UK Government on Cyber Security and call for IoT legislation

Ken Munro 23 Feb 2017

As part of the UK Government’s Cyber Security month we were invited to brief members of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and their staff and employees on cyber security issues.

Cyber Security month is “intended to help people across Parliament adopt and maintain secure behaviours in relation to cyber security”, so I discussed and shared the security and privacy issues surrounding the IoT.

Photo courtesy of @NNissioti

On the agenda was the usual suspects; the Wi-Fi kettle, listening TVs, and the German Government’s current bugbear: My Friend Cayla.

Call for IoT legislation

As well as helping improve the understanding of risk and attack from IoT devices I raised the issue of legislation.

Currently there is nothing specific in place to deal with careless IoT device manufacturers and their liability for the protection of consumer data, or loss resulting directly from poorly produced products.