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The Antwerp hackers bundle demystified

Ken Munro 23 Oct 2013

We spotted a bundle of tech on the BBC a little while ago, in a video story about drugs traffickers allegedly hacking IT container movement control systems. You can see it for yourself in the video here.

For a good look pause the video at 00:11

Always up for a challenge we thought we’d have a go at working out exactly what all the kit was.


So, here’s what we think, from left to right:

  • USB wireless card.
  • USB powered hub.
  • Embedded computer board, there’s a battery cell and what looks like an SD card enclosure.
  • Power supply unit of some flavour, and another above and to it’s right.
  • Above the embedded computer board (with yellow and white cables) is what looks like a network card (with severed Ethernet cables – maybe incident response in action?).
  • The black and grey casing (top right) looks like the remnants of the desktop case used to bundle it all up.

Worryingly this assembly could probably be made smaller, easier, and for less money with a 3G connection.