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Papa – PTP Advanced Password Auditor

Papa, the PTP Advanced Password Auditor, is a password cracking and auditing service.

Attackers often exploit weak passwords and attempt to crack hashes to gain further access to a network, so Papa allows system administrators to stay one step ahead and ensure that weak passwords are not an effective attack vector.

What is Papa?

Papa is a tool designed to help system administrators identify users with weak passwords.

It extracts the encrypted hashes from the domain and sends them, over a secure connection, to our dedicated password cracking servers.

All cracked passwords are then returned to the Papa tool where administrators can get detailed information about the domain as a whole and perform trend analysis to view the impact of password policy changes.

Why use the Papa password auditing service?

  • Papa allows organisations to quickly and easily conduct password auditing on their domain and identify where weak passwords are in use.
  • It extracts hashes from the domain controller, and securely sends only the hashes to our servers for cracking. No user or company information is transmitted ensuring maximum confidentiality.
  • It’s very easy to use – one button and the hashes are extracted and sent to our servers for cracking.
  • Papa keeps a snapshot of the passwords retrieved so that organisations can identify trends in weak password use, and the effect of password policies as they are introduced.
  • Papa is password protected, and all sensitive information is stored in a locally-encrypted database.
  • Papa uses dedicated password cracking servers with cutting edge GPUs to maximise cracking speed.

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