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PTP Academy

You’ve done your OSCP. You’ve spent late nights on Hack the Box. Your graphics card is on its last legs after smashing through hashes. But the CTFs just aren’t enough anymore. You want more.

Breaking into the industry is harder than breaking into a dodgy Linux box with an unpatched kernel, and we are here to help.

The PTP Academy

Pen Test Partners are offering a 6-month fixed term contract to get you real world exposure under the guidance of testers with decades of experience. We want to take your natural inquisitive nature and hone your consultancy skills to enable you to perform penetration tests both over the internet and on client sites.

After your six months is up we will consider you for a full time role.

Basic requirements

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Have OSCP and demonstrable knowledge of security concepts affecting both infrastructure and applications.
  • Have good working knowledge of the OWASP top 10.
  • Understand key networking concepts such as routing, subnets, firewalling and VLANs.
  • Work from our Buckinghamshire office for the 6-month period.
  • Have a valid UK driving licence.
  • Have good oral and written communication skills.

If you see yourself as a security consultant this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We are keeping this small to give you the most support we can, and therefore places are extremely limited.


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