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Incident Response Policy Assessment & Development

Incident Response Policy Assessment & Development

Forward strategic planning is key to minimising the negative impact that a cyber threat or data breach can have on a business.

Pen Test Partners has dealt with data breaches and incidents within many different industry sectors and organisations. It’s only when an incident happens that the true value of advanced preparation is fully appreciated.

Understand and documenting how your business will manage a critical cyber incident will make your business more effective when an incident does strike. Proper strategic planning brings efficiency to the response process.


The response to a critical cyber incident needs to be managed by the organisation. It is not simply an IT problem. At the point of an incident multiple decisions need to be made quickly and decisively and planning for that should be a priority.

Creating an internal incident management team that includes resources from diverse parts of the business such as the C-Suite, Legal, HR, IT and Security should be the first point of action.

Pen Test Partners offers consulting options that guide and educate your incident management team to effectively take control of a critical incident when one occurs.


Planning and documenting how your business will respond to a critical cyber incident from a technical perspective is a key process in the incident management process. Creating detailed plans ahead of time saves time and money later on.

Understanding what your key data assets are, where they sit in the organisation and who controls those assets underpins effective incident response more than simply deploying technical solutions.

Creating detailed playbooks for different incident scenarios that your business may face is one of many tactics that should be used. An informed response is an effective response.

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