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Free Pen Test Partners Socks!!!

Available in black, with an embroidered logo, they say “I’ve got black socks with the Pen Test Partners logo embroidered on them”, they say “I’ve got an extra pair of socks”, they say “with these timeless classic socks I can wear shoes with a reduced risk of blisters”.

Jumping on a bandwagon has never been easier. With our high-tech ordering system all you need to do to acquire ONE PAIR of these cotton-nylon mix beauties FOR FREE is fill in and submit a form. We will not spam you.

We need to be a bit picky about where we send our precious accessories.
To qualify you must:

  • Be working in cyber security in the UK, US, or EU.
  • Supply your corporate email address. Gmail, hotmail, protonmail etc. are no good.
  • Give us the delivery address.

You need to provide these four bits of information:

We’ll usually get a pair to you in seven days.

Care instructions for PTP socks:

Pen Test Partners, we’re here for when you fancy a free pair of foot bags.