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Under CREST’s CBEST framework we provide STAR (Simulated Target Attack & Response) penetration testing and STAR-FS testing; and we’re pleased to be involved.

Our understanding

CBEST is the framework now in place which is used to test financial institutions. It mirrors the tactics and techniques currently in use by attackers.

Ever since the company started we have been using threat intelligence to augment and guide our testing, using all manner of reported techniques to mimic what happens in real world attacks. This means that prior to CREST STAR we were testing our clients for their resilience to actual threats.

Why us?

As providers of CREST STAR assessments we have gone through a rigorous audit programme to ensure that we meet the revised code-of-conduct to provide this sort of dedicated testing.

Our testers have undertaken additional levels of technical and operational evaluation, to demonstrate that they are skilled at replicating a host of current attack scenarios.

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