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Advanced Threat Hunting

Advanced Threat Hunting

The current threat landscape has never been more challenging. Significant numbers of highly skilled and motivated threat actors represent a real danger. Their goal is simply to penetrate your defences to steal your data, deliver malware to your network, or disrupt your business through destructive attacks such as ransomware or data wipers.

Primary targets vary industry to industry, but all endpoints and devices are at risk of malware. Reliance on outsourced managed security services is inadequate and ineffective without advanced threat hunt capabilities.


Pen Test Partners has a wealth of experience in helping businesses react and recover from real life hacking incidents.

We understand threats and know where to look for them. 44% of threats go undetected by automated security tools. The average time attackers’ dwell on networks within EMEA is 106 days, and in APAC 172 days.

Some businesses need to scan daily or weekly, others may be more comfortable with longer detection gaps. Some industries may have regulatory requirements that they must adhere to.

Take control, define and manage the breach detection gap that is appropriate for your business.


We firstly identify the endpoints that will be the focus of the threat hunt, within part or all of the target environment.

We schedule when the threat hunt operation will be conducted and deploy advanced technology to collect and assess the survey results. A series of automated analysis techniques is then applied via dissolvable agents.

Survey results are assessed by an experienced IR consultant. Attention is then focused on endpoints where malicious or suspicious activity is identified. Triage protocols are then deployed.

During triage, IR consultants quickly make decisions to investigate, remediate or remove affected hosts.

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